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PepsiCo is a very famous company, rival to Coca Cola Inc

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About The Company

pepsico logoPepsiCo is today one of the largest soft drink maker in the world. The company was founded by an American pharmacist named Caleb Bradham in 1902. Coca-Cola was already a brand at that time. Caleb was watching the popularity of Coca-Cola and decided to make his own soft drink in 1893.

Initially known as Brad’s Drink Brandham manufactured his own machine to produce it. The drink gained a positive response from the US community and then Brandham decided to advertise it and rename it as Pepsi-Cola. Pespi Cola grabs attention from the US market and Brad decided to begin exports in 1907.

The company then decided to expand its business and invested a good amount in the sugar business. However, it was a failed attempt as in 1923 the company was stated bankrupt. Loft Inc. acquired the company in 1931.

The new company reduced the prices to gain attention from the households. PepsiCo then decided to target the young generation after the war ended. A diet version of Pepsi was introduced in 1964. Furthermore, the company decided to start a marketing campaign featuring famous personalities such as Cindy Crawford, Lionel Richie, Shaquille O’Neal, Britney Spears, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, David Beckham, and Spice Girls.

PepsiCo Operations, Global Outreach Marketing & Revenues

PepsiCo has been facing tough competition from The Coca-Cola Company. Both of these companies have been in war for years to be the best company in the soft drink market.

Some of the popular soft drinks that come under PepsiCo brand are Mountain Dew, Tropicana, Aquafina water, Pepsi and Gatorade. PepsiCo has also established itself as a snack maker. It offers Doritos, Ruffles, Cheetos, and Lays. The Quaker Foods unit that works under the company is known for its Rice-A-Roni, side dishes, and breakfast cereals.

PepsiCo has established its customer base in more than 200 countries.

Pepsi has a huge portfolio of products, generating $1 billion in sales on an annual basis. PepsiCo is managing around 700 manufacturing units all over the world.

PepsiCo is currently operating in six units. Quaker Foods North America (QFNA), Asia, North America Beverages (NAB), the Middle East and North Africa (AMENA), Frito-Lay North America (FLNA), Europe Sub-Saharan Africa (ESSA), and Latin America.

NAB generates more than 35% sales, 25% revenue comes from FLNA, the ESSA generates 15% sales, 5% of sales are generated by the QFNA segment. Finally, 10% of sales are generated from AMENA and Latin America both.

The majority of sales are generated from the US market. Some of the other markets that generate major revenues are the UK, Mexico, Russia, and Canada. The company is also doing good in developing countries such as Middle East, Africa, China, India, Brazil.

PepsiCo uses multiple promotional techniques to increase its sales every now and then. Apart from that, the company is also spending a good budget on advertisements campaigns.

The customer base of Pepsi products is mainly distribution around mass merchandisers, authorized independent bottlers, food service distributors, wholesale distributors, stores, and hotels.

The revenues of PepsiCo jumped to the $66.7 billion figure back in 2014. However, the company didn’t observe any improvements for the last three years. The company was eventually successful in generating sales of around $63.5 billion in 2017. As we can see the profit dropped from the previous figure.

PepsiCo pays an increasing dividend per share to shareholders every year

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PepsiCo Share CFD Trading

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