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Xiaomi is one of the world’s leading smartphone makers, so this Live Financial Chart should be what you are looking for!

The price bellow is not the exact real price, it a CFD price offered by Plus500.com really close to the market actual price.

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Xiaomi (About the Company)

Xiaomi Logo 1The ex-Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun founded Xiaomi in April 2010. At the very first days was an IT company that was working to develop a new custom ROM named MIUI. The company wanted to offer new functionality that was not available in Android yet. Additionally they wanted to offer a user-friendly interface for the average users.

The big turning point for the company was when the newly developed ROM became successful and many new devices started using it. More than 200 devices supported MIUI in both Chinese and English languages in 2014. The software was so easy to install that an average person can install it. The huge user base of MIUI was pretty inspiring for the new company.

The popularity of MIUI ROM was due to its various services such as its app store and music player. The company wanted to establish a new relationship with the users. They encouraged users to offer a  feedback and wanted to improve their services based on users’ feedback. The feedback helped Xiaomi developers to introduce new features, optimize the service and fix existing bugs.

That was the major reason people started to have an interest about Xiaomi services. The company gained reputation in a short of time.


Xiaomi Today

Xiaomi has established a big name in the hardware, smartphone and software products. The company is currently dealing with lifestyle, camera, power bank, and audio. At the moment, Xiaomi businesses are divided into three segments. Internet services, E-commerce & New Retail, and Hardware.

Chuan Wang, Wan Qiang Li, Jun Lei, Jiang Ji Huang, Bin Lin, Feng Hong, and De Liu are the founding partners of the company.

The headquarter of Xiaomi is located in Beijing, China.


Xiaomi Products

Xiaomi recently launched its popular product named Mi Note. It is basically a 5.7-inch phablet that has been released to compete with Apple’s iPhone 6. At the launch event of at the Mi Note’s launch event, Lei Jun compared both the phones in terms of their features. Mi Note is currently available at a price of around $530 (3,299 Yuan).

Moreover, Xiaomi is also manufacturing products for the middle class as well. The company launched The Redmi 2 to grab the attention of this market segment. The smartphone is currently available at around $113 (699 Yuan). The Redmi 2 features a 4.7-inch screen and runs a Google Android OS.

Xiaomi is also manufacturing in-ear headphones pro, headphones, power bank pro, sphere camera, home security camera, robot builder, bedside lamp, action camera, bluetooth speaker, body composition scale, electric scooter, and bluetooth headset.

Xiaomi never restricted itself to operate in the smart phone domain. The company has also launched a Wi-Fi router, smart TV, and many other devices as well. It is passionate enough to enter into more markets in the near future.


Operations & Revenue

Xiaomi currently operates in Singapore, India, China, Malaysia. The company is expanding its operations to other countries as well including South Africa, Indonesia, and the Philippines. More than 15,000 employees are currently working under Xiaomi. The CEO and founder of the company Lei Jun is one of the top 10 rich persons in China with a worth of US$12.5 billion.

Today many investors have already invested in the company. The existing valuation of Xiaomi stands at US$46 billion.

Xiaomi uses its services and devices to earn revenue. The company has been doing well in terms of the stocks during the past few years. If we look at the revenues, Xiaomi earned 114.6 billion in 2017. The revenues jumped to more than 67 % in a single year.

However, Xiaomi Share is not so profitable.


Xiaomi Share CFD Trading

It is not necessary for you to buy the real Xiaomi share, instead, you can try the Kraft Xiaomi CFD Share Trading.

CFD trading is basically the selling and buying of CFD stocks. The CFD trading is a process that allows you to speculate how the forex, commodities, shares market is going to behave in the coming days. In CFD trading you don’t need to actually own the assets.

When someone is trading in CFD during this process you agree to exchange the price difference during a specific period. The amount of the profit or loss that you are going to encounter is mainly dependent on your forecast for that particular stock.

CFD trading has its own advantages as well. First, you don’t need to own the assets. Secondly, you get an opportunity to spread your existing capital.

There are only five simple steps involved in this process. First, you need to choose your trusted broker. The next step is to deposit an initial amount that you want to trade. Next, you need to choose the stock that you want to trade. Finally, you need to choose the amount that you are interested in investing and execute the trading process.

Risk Warning: Forex Trading, CFD Trading and Binary Options involve significant risk of loss to your invested capital.
Please ensure that you have read our Risk Disclosure and you have fully understood the risks involved.

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