EUR/USD Chart Forex

In the table below you can see the LIVE EURUSD Chart, the most popular trading pair in forex.

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The price bellow is not the exact real price, it a CFD price offered by really close to the market actual price.

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EURUSD Chart Forex

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Us Dollar is the official currency of United States of America.

It’s symbol is $. It also abbreviated as US$ or American Dollar. In forex you will refer to it as USD (United States Dollar).

USA is a federal state, a union of fifty component self-governing states. More than 325 million US Residents use the US dollar every day to buy goods and services. USD is a currency without intrinsic value, like gold (See the Brenton Woods Rule).

The US dollar is widely used as a reserve currency by many Central Banks around the world, including the European Central Bank

On the other hand, euro is the currency of the eurozone. Eurozone is an economic union of 19 seperate countries which also participate in the European Union. Eurozone is not a political union, neither a federal state like USA.

Publisher of the euro currency is the European Central Bank (ECB), located in Frankfurt Germany. ECB is responsible for the monetary policy of eurozone and has a target to manage influation maintaing the price stability.

Although monetary policy is common for every member state, fiscal policy is not. As mentioned before eurozone is not a political union and thus it doesn’t have a minister of finance for the whole union.

Every country (officially member state) has its own governement and its own ministry of finance, which is responsible for the fiscal policy of the specific country.

Every member state of Eurozone issues its own public bonds, manages its own dept and implements its own fiscal policy. There are no European bonds, only country bonds, like Germany bond, italian bond etc

However, the 19 ministers of finance of the 19 member states of the eurozone meet in a group called eurogroup. In eurogroup the ministers of finance take serious decisions about the future financial policies of member states, which affect directly the price of euro compared to other currencies. Eurogroup is a kind of political control of Euro currency.


EUR/USD Trading Facts

  • Almost All Forex Brokers offer EUR/USD Trading
  • EUR/USD is the most popular currency pair in forex market!
  • EUR/USD is the currency pair with the higher liquidity!
  • Euro and US Dollar are the currencies of the two bigger economies of the global economy
  • Many Forex brokers offer EUR/USD Trading so a trader can find very competitive spreads
  • Due to its popularity there are no arbitrage opportunities for arbers.

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Which Countries participate in Eurozone

Unchanged Fixed Currency Exchange Rates for 1€

Joining the Eurozone Currency Exchange Rate
1/1/1999 Austrian Schilling 13,7603
1/1/1999 Belgian Franc 40,3399
1/1/1999 French Franc 6,55957
1/1/1999 Deutsche Mark 1,95583
1/1/1999 Irish Pound 0,787564
1/1/1999 Spanish Peseta 166,386
1/1/1999 Italian Lira 1936,27
1/1/1999 Luxembourg Franc 40,3399
1/1/1999 Dutch Guilder 2,20371
1/1/1999 Portuguese Escudo 200,482
1/1/1999 Finnish markka 5,94573
1/1/2001 Greek Drachma 340,750
1/1/2007 Slovenian Tolar 239,640
1/1/2008 Cyprus Lira 0,585274
1/1/2008 Maltese Lira 0,429300
1/1/2009 Slovak Crown 30,1260
1/1/2011 Estonian Crown 15,6466
1/1/2014 Latvian Lats 0,702804
1/1/2015 Lithuanian Litas 3.45280
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