Forex Affiliate Programs List

When it comes to affiliate marketing, Forex Affiliate Programs are ideal for online Affiliates.

Almost all Forex Brokers offer such kind of programms….

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Affiliate Terminology

  1. CPA = Cost per aquisition. A trader has opened an account in a Broker and he starts trading with real money. The affiliate gets his commission once and thats it. The trader may continue trading for months and years, but the affiliate doesn’t get any more profit.
  2. Revenue share = The affiliate gets a percentage of the traders volume or in other cases a percentage of the Brokers Revenue. In that case, the affiliate is getting paid every month as long as the trader is active.
  3. Hybrid Deal = It is a combination between CPA and Revenue Share. The affiliate is paid a CPA when the trader starts trading and receives a commission every month that the trader remains active.


Traditional Brokers Affiliate Programs

Company Type Comment Visit
Plus500 CPA Up to 800$ A Lucrative CPA Affiliate Program. The affiliate fee depends on the trader’s Country. CySec Regulated, Plus500 is a popular CFD Trading Broker in Europe, UK and Australia.
AvaTrade CPA & Revenue Share Avatrade has a very interesting affiliate program. The affiliate may negotiate himself about the CPA deal, a Revenue Share Deal or a Hybrid Deal. MiFID Regulated, Avatrade is an international Trading Broker with Metatrader 4 & 5 platform, introducing Copy Trading and Social Trading Features
IQ Option Up to 50% Revenue Share IQ Option is a CySec Regulated Online Broker that offers CFD Trading in Forex, Shares, Commodities, Indices and Cryprocurrencies. They offer a lucrative up to 50% Revenue Share lifetime and they pay their affiliates twice a month. CPA up to 600$ is a Forex and CFD Broker that brings Artificial Intelligence into Trading. With 300,000 traders in over 50 countries, they offer a CPA affiliate programm with up to 600$ per trader. CPA up to 600$ offers a great CPA model based on where the trader’s comes from. The maximum reward is 600$ per trader. Xtb is a highly reputable forex and CFD Broker and a great option for newbie and experienced affiliates

Forex Affiliate Programs FAQ

2. Do i need a website to become affiliate?

In fact, No, you do not need website to become affiliate. You may promote Forex Brokers offline through your social cyrcle or through your social media accounts (twitter, facebook etc). If you are an influencer in forex market then Forex affiliate Programs are a great way to increase your income.

However, having and maintaining a website may lead to more revenue at the end of the day.

3. Can i promote Forex Brokers to Youtube?

Υes, you can promote Forex Brokers to your Youtube Channel. Thruth is that youtube Video Marketing is a great way to earn income, if you know you to create marketing videos.

4. Do i need a company to sign up in these programs?

No, you do not need a company for that. As a freelancer you can participate to such affiliate programs. However, if your income rises, a company may become more suitable for you due to tax reasons.

5. Do i need any kind of financial license to promote Forex Brokers?

No, you don’t. You just sign up to the affiliate program of your preference and thats it. Start promoting and earn money.

Cryptobrokers Affiliate Programms

Company Type Comment Visit
PrimeXBT 4 – tier Referral System A Nice affiliate program that is good for long-term. You refer a trader and you get 20% of his trading fees, but it doesn’t stop here. Your referral may refer another trader, you get 15% of the new trader’s trading fees. This continues up to the Tier 4 level. So, as long you refer new traders and new affiliates, you build a trading network and you can increase every month you profit. PrimeXBT has two main advantages. At first, it offers anonymous trading, you just sign up with an email and a password in less than 40 seconds and you deposit with Bitcoins. At second, it offers high leverage in many trading pairs. 3 – tier Referral System is an MT5 cryptobroker with a 3-Tier Revenue Refferal System. The Revenue Share percentage increases depenting the number of Lots Traded. All earnings are paid every hour in Bitcoin. Easy to Sigh Up, Affiliates do not even have to provide KYC Verification Documents.


Cryptobrokers Affiliate FAQ

What are cryptobrokers?

Cryptobrokers are Trading Brokers that offer only crypto deposits (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT Deposits etc).

They offer high leverage trading (Some of them use 1:1000 leverage in forex and 1:200 in cryptotrading) and some of them offer anonymous trading.

Some of them use their own platform, but there are some that use MT5 Trading Platform, which is preferable to traders.

Risk Warning: Forex Trading, CFD Trading and Binary Options involve significant risk of loss to your invested capital.
Please ensure that you have read our Risk Disclosure and you have fully understood the risks involved.

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