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About Visa

visa cardIt was 1958 when Bank of America started a new program named BankAmericard. The program was launched in California and the company planned to operate only in the state. The program was launched to target only US based merchants and middle-class customers.

From its early days the program got so successful in a short of time and the company gained a huge success. However, the Bank of America later decided to sign deals with a series of banks who were operating in other states. Later in 1974, the company then started its international operations.

In the year 1975, the company decided to introduce debit cards. Visa Inc. was forced in 2007 when various businesses operating globally decided to merge. The new formed company listed publicly in 2008.

Visa launched a global advertisement campaign in 2009, pointing to the fact that people are always looking better, faster and more secure ways to make payments. Visa introduced an easier way to make online payments in 2014, named as Visa Checkouts.

Visa hit a major milestone when the company acquired Visa Europe in 2016. Visa has established it self as a leading company in the industry, currently providing its services and products in more than 200 countries. You can use the services on a number of devices including mobile, tablets, laptops, cards, etc.

Visa Inc. is a popular payment solutions company that is currently dealing with almost all the banks around the world. Almost all the banks offer Visa cards credit and debit cards to their business and individual clients.


How Visa Works

Once a merchant tries to get paid through your Visa card, the payment request is forwarded online to the concerned department. The card provider then checks all the details and makes sure that the card holder has enough amount to make the payment. When the payment is confirmed, the details are forwarded to the merchant. However, the transaction is rejected in case of insufficient balance account.

The customers who use the services of Visa Inc. enjoy various value-added services. The card holders get rewards, convince and security in return for using their services.

The company is also working to benefit the merchants by increasing their sales. Finally, the banks are also earning huge revenue by different means. They get a transaction fee, card fee and interest on the late payments.


Operations & Revenues

Visa is currently operating in three different segments. They offer prepaid cards, credit cards, and debit cards. The payments of a debit card holder are done via his own bank account connected to the card. The payments for the credit card holder are done through monthly bill payments. Finally, for prepaid cards, the holder must first load money to the card and then buy goods and services.

Visa is also operating in the Interlink EFT POS and automated teller machines network. Many organizations, no matter how large they are, use the commercial payments solutions provided by Visa. The company has recently collaborated with Apple Inc. to provide a mobile wallet feature to their customers. This feature allows its customers to use their Visa cards at any time.

Visa had a successful earning revenue of $10.3 billion in 2018. The shares of Visa are currently trading at more than $190 (August 2019). The company was listed on the Fortune 500 companies due to its revenue jump in 2018.


Visa CFD Trading

It is not necessary for you to buy the real Visa share, instead, you can try the Visa CFD Share Trading.

CFD trading is basically the selling and buying of CFD stocks. The CFD trading is a process that allows you to speculate how the forex, comodities, shares market is going to behave in he coming days. In CFD trading you don’t need to actually own the assets.

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