Investing in Bitcoin with Paypal (For Beginners)

There are many people around the world that want to invest (buy/sell) Bitcoins, but they are afraid to make the first step for this. Some typical questions that may occur are:

  1. What is Bitcoin and how it works
  2. How to Buy Bitcoins
  3. What i need to buy Bitcoins
  4. How easy is to buy and store bitcoins (and other altcoins)

There are so many online guides for Bitcoins, however the majority of them lacks simplicity. The problem is that a bitcoin beginner has to read tones of bitcoin articles (most of them not connected together) before understanding the Bitcoin Market. Here in this article you will find a simple step by step guide for a Bitcoin Investor.

There are two two types of bitcoin investors:

  • Short-Term Bitcoin Investment: A short term Bitcoin Investor buys  or Sells Bitcoins on a short term basis. It includes Intraday Trading (within the day trading), Bitcoin Day Trading, Week Trading etc… up to 3 months trading. Holding a Bitcoin for more than 3 months is considered as a long term investment. Short Term Investments can be placed through CFD Trading. There are so many CFD Brokers that offer Bitcoin CFD Trading.
  • Long Term Bitcoin Investment: A long term Bitcoin Investment is considered to be an investemant that lasts from 3 months to many years. In this case CFD Trading is not suitable. Preferably, you have to buy a real bitcoin, store it and when you make profit sell it.


Short Term Cpypto Investment

When we use the term “Bitcoin Short Term Investment” we actually mean Bitcoin Trading.

Instead of buying the physical asset Bitcoin (or Ethereum or other cryptos) you should examine the possibility to make a short term investment in a crypto CFD.This, because when trading the real asset through a Bitcoin Exchange, you have to pay commission for every trade and that may be a big expense for a trader.

For example you can check Plus500 BTC/USD

CFD Trading is not suitable for beginners, it is suitable for intermediate and experienced traders who understand terms such as leverage, margin, spread etc.

What is CFD Trading (Advantages and Disadvantages)




Risk Warning: Forex Trading, CFD Trading and Binary Options involve significant risk of loss to your invested capital.
Please ensure that you have read our Risk Disclosure and you have fully understood the risks involved.

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