How to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum (The easy Way)

Buy Bitcoins - The Easy WayWhat is really hot in our days is cryptocurrencies. There are many people around the world that would love to invest a small amount of money (lets say 100$ or 200$) in Bitcoin which is the most famous cryptocurrency.

In fact, this sounds a very nice thought to me. Havind read so many articles Bitcoin price prediction next ten or twenty years, the possibility of a huge price boost remains high to my ears.

The possibility of being Rich…

According to Jeremy Liew, the first investor in Snapchat, Bitcoin price can reach $500,000 by 2030… Another optimistic forecast has been published by CNBC, according to which Bitcoin Price could hit 100.000$ in ten years…

Even thought the historical price chart of Bitcoin up to today depicts its potential. Back to 30 December 2012, you just needed 13,11$ to buy a bitcoin, compared to 11 August 2017 where you needed 3.899$ to buy a Bitcoin… And this rally is very possible to continue….


But the main question is:

How to buy my first Bitcoin if i am not a computer geek but just an average user?

There are plenty of ways to buy your first Bitcoin, or just invest a small amount of dollars. But most of them are difficult for the average internet user. This Guide reffers to Begginers

In this article i will describe in detail the easiest way not only just to buy bitcoins, but also to store them without any cost and either use them to buy items online or just keep them as a long term investment and wait the day when with 1 Bitcoin you will be able to buy a house!


Lets Go!!!

The easiest way to Buy/Sell/Use Bitcoins is through Coinbase. I definitely suggest it for beginners…

Coinbasereputed to be the world’s largest Bitcoin Exchange Broker, is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing 3 digital currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin).

CoinBase has a user friendly interface making it easier to navigate and seems to be the safiest Online Bitcoin Exchange around.


Coinbase Advantages…

  1. Security: According to, a website expertised to Bitcoin’s affairs: “All user wallets are insured. Expert users can even activate a super-advanced & secure mutli-signature wallet. This guarantees that in the event Coinbase were to go offline then these users could still move their coins.”
  2. Trustworthy Company: Based in San Fransisco (USA), Coinbase has 9,500,000 customers around the world and 31,700,000 Wallets. Coinbase is listed in Forbes FinTech 50 and has managed to raise $117M raised from world’s leading investors such us BBVA Bank. These facts ensure that Coinbase is not a scam.
  3. 3 popular Digital Currencies: In Coinbase you can trade and store the most trendy digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. Especially Bitcoin and Ethereum are projects that have great impact worldwide.
  4. Easy to Use: Setting up a Coinbase Account is really easy and just takes some minutes of your time..

Buy 100$ in Bitcoins and get 10$ Free

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How to start – Step By Step Guide

  1. Go to Coinbase Website. Do it by clicking this link, you will see why…
  2. If you have pressed the link above, you will move to Coinbase Sign Up page which will look like the following image…
    Now, you have been reffered to Coinbase by this website. So, when you buy 100$ of Bitcoin, Ethereum of Litecoin you ll get a 10$ Bonus for free!
  3. Now you have been signed up, you have to verify your account. In Coinbase Dashboard you will see the following picture…
  4. Complete your Email: Email Verification
  5. Add phone number: Mobile Phone Number Verification through SMS
  6. Verify your ID: You have to get a photo either from your Desktop/Laptop Camera or your mobile device of one of the following: Passport, Driving Licence, ID Card
  7. Verify a Payment Method, so you can make the first deposit…
  8. Start Buying Bitcoins, Ethereums, Litecoins


Coinbase Wallets – How to use them

When you have finished with your account verification, you have automaticaly set up your wallets.

You have now a BTC Wallet where you store your Bitcoins, an ETH Wallet where you store your Ethereum and a Litecoin Wallet where you store your Litecoins. (See the left picture).

When you proceed a transaction there are some fees, however there are no fees when you send or recieve bitcoins between coinbase wallets. And thats cool because there are many coinbase wallets owners and there also 10.000 merchants that use Coinbase services…

Depending on your country you will be able to either link your bank account directly to Coinbase or send money to a specific Coinbase bank account in order to fund your account.

If you are a US Citizen then you can connect your personal bank account to your Coinbase account.


Coinbase Support

There is an easy to navigate Support Forum in Coinbase Website where most of Frequantly Asked Questions are answered. However, regarding the size of the company, the Coinbase Support is very poor.

There is a lack of Live Chat of Phone Support and Support Tickets are not answered fast. Furthermore, the Customer Support Employees seem that they are not so well trained to answer because they often use canned answers rather than digging inside the problem. Thus, there are many complaints from users online, most of them due to the poor customer support.

Feel free to comment below for your personal Coinbase Issue…


Summary Review

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